Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please contact our office directly.


Q: I want to install a fence or patio; landscape my yard; remove/plant a tree; or make another type of exterior change to my home or property. What do I need to do?
A: Before making any exterior changes to your home or property, you will need to review your community’s Declaration of Covenants and/or Architectural Guidelines, and submit an architectural request form to obtain Board approval. The process can be different for each community, so for more specific information, you’ll need to visit your community’s individual website.

Q: What is a survey, and where can I find one for my property?
A: A survey is a notarized document that shows not only your property lines, but also contains information about any easements, buffers, or impervious restrictions for your lot. You should have received a copy of this when you closed on your home. If you don’t have one, you will need to contact a local engineering firm to have one done. For most architectural requests, a copy of your survey is a requirement. We do not have copies of surveys in our office.

Q: Why do you require neighbor signatures? What do I do if the house next door is rented or vacant?
A: If there is a space on your community’s architectural request form for neighbor signatures, then you will need to inform your neighbors of your intended project. You aren’t requesting their approval, as approval can only come from the Board or Architectural Committee. This is simply a courtesy to let them know before any work begins.

Q: I submitted my request two weeks ago! How long is this going to take?
A: For most communities, the Board or Architectural Committee has up to 30 days to reach a decision regarding architectural requests—some have up to 60. It’s important to remember that the Board and committees are comprised of volunteers. Many of them choose to only meet once a month and review all of the community’s requests at that time. You should never book a contractor before receiving notification of Board approval. As soon as we have a decision regarding your request, we (Omega) will notify you by phone or email. You will also receive a letter in the mail for your records.

General HOA Questions

Q: What do my assessments cover?
A: Typically, assessments cover the expenses for insurance and the repair and maintenance of common areas, including: water and electricity, clubhouses, pools, entry features, storm water detention/retention ponds, and drainage facilities. Your assessments may cover more or less, though, especially if you live in a townhome, so please refer to your community’s legal documents for more specific information.

Q: Who is on the Board of Directors?
A: If your community is still being built out, then your Board of Directors is likely run by the developer or declarant, per your community’s legal documents. If not, then your Board of Directors likely consists of neighbors within your community. You can find their names and address on your community’s website.

Q: How can I contact the Board of Directors?
A: All communication should come through Omega. In most cases, we can answer any questions or address any concerns homeowners have. If it’s something that does require Board attention, we can forward it over to them and get back to you with their response. If you have a lengthy concern, you are always welcome to write a letter to the Board, which Omega will deliver on your behalf.

Q: Can I attend a Board meeting?
A: Some boards meet monthly, others quarterly, or some just meet as necessary. Not all meetings will have an open forum for homeowners to attend. If you’d like to sit in or be placed on the agenda, please call or email our office to find out what your options are. Alternately, you are always welcome to write a letter to the Board for their review at the next scheduled meeting.

Q: A streetlight is out in my community. Where can I report it?
A: Duke-Progress Energy accepts these types of notifications online at:

Simply fill out the form, including your address and pole number (if known) and they will follow up with you if any additional information is required.

Q: Where do I send my payment?
A: All payments should be sent to the following address:
PO Box 97783
Raleigh, NC 27624

General Omega Questions

Q: Is there a transfer fee when I sell my house?
A: Yes, the transfer fee is $90 for all of our communities.

Q: What does a management company do?
A: You can think of us as the administrative arm of the Board of Directors. We manage the Association finances, and work at the direction of the Board to enforce the community’s legal documents. We do not get involved in neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, nor do we manage Neighborhood Watch groups. Safety concerns should always be reported to the appropriate authority, such as the local police department or animal control. You can visit our Helpful Links section to find the contact information for these (and other) departments in your town/city.

Q: Our Association is interested in hiring a management company. How can we request a quote?
A: We would love to help you! Simple fill out our online Request for Management Proposal form, and somebody from our office will follow up with you.


Q: I received a violation notice. What does this mean?
A: When you purchased your home, you entered into an agreement with the Association to keep your house in compliance with the standards put forth in the community’s legal documents. These standards are in place to help keep home values in your community as high as possible. Our community managers tour once a month to make sure all properties are kept in compliance. If your property is found to be in violation, you will be sent a notice on behalf of the Board of Directors explaining the violation and what you can do to fix it.

Q: I am going on vacation, am disabled, or have another reason why I won’t be able to correct the violation quickly. What should I do?
A: If you are unable to correct the violation for any reason, it’s best to call our office and let us know. If your property continues to be in violation and we don’t hear from you, then the violation will be escalated, which could lead to fines per the community’s legal documents.

Q: My neighbor’s house is in violation. Have you sent them a letter?
A: Likely, yes. Our managers tour once a month, at which time we send out violation notices. Unfortunately, not all homeowners take immediate action upon receipt. The Association is legally bound to follow a specific procedure in these cases, so please be patient while we work with the homeowner to correct the issue.